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Liquidity (9%)

Our strategic liquidity emissions are flexible and geared towards supporting expansions to new exchanges or blockchains, benefiting our holders. As per our current plans, we anticipate two liquidity expansions in 2023 and two more in 2024. However, the precise number of tokens used will depend on specific needs and the token price at the time of expansion.

Allocating 9% of the ARA token for future chain expansions is important to support the project's growth. As the project expands to new chains and supports additional protocols, having a reserve of tokens can help fund the necessary liquidity provision and incentivization programs to ensure the new chains and protocols have a healthy trading environment.

Furthermore, considering the strategic partnerships with solidly fork protocols, actively investing in veNFTs, LPs become an essential source of revenue. By owning the ARA LPs, as well as most of the token wrapper LPs, AraFi can create healthy and sustainable revenue streams.

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